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Prayer is not us changing God's mind to get what we want, but God changing our minds to God's will. I read that statement again recently and I am sure that is what is meant by saying "Thy will be done" in the Lord's Prayer. However it is hard to end up the prayer by giving our desires over to God. We want what we want. We are like little kids begging mom for a cookie repeatedly until we get one (or, preferably more). Most of all God wants us to be in communication. So it does not make any difference if we have elegant sentences, or even sentences. Posture does not make a difference either. If we cannot think of what to say, the Spirit speaks for us. Prayer is good for us in that it helps us formulate our thoughts and plans. As we pray we formulate our thoughts and sometimes discover ways to achieve our desires. In Lent our emphasis is coming into a deeper relationship and unity with God through Jesus' life, death and finally resurrection. It is the unity that Jesus had with the Father that is our utmost desire. Lent was originally a time like a spiritual retreat meditating and discussing the Scripture and receiving the Holy Meal. We grow in unity best by participating in a study group. There are many ways to meditate on Scripture. One way is to read the text three times slowly. Recognize what most stands out for you, pray about that and then sit and meditate. End with a brief prayer of thanks for the text and for the meaning it had for you. Prayer is an invitation into divine love. It is God seeking us and in God's speaking and listening we find ourselves.

May God bless our time, ministry and witness together.

Pastor Ron Zielske
Email: ronzielske@gmail.com


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